Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 1

Tim Fulkerson | 9.9.2018
1 Samuel 16:1–13

This first sermon focuses on David serving at home in obscurity as a shepherd in the field tending his sheep. While he was hidden from society, David made private worship a priority. Even as a young man, the Lord was with Him. Themes: What is worship? Will we worship God in private? Getting back to foundations.


Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 2

Tim Fulkerson | 9.16.2018
1 Samuel 16:14–23

David enters King Saul’s court and plays music in worship to God. To Saul these were simply songs that were beautifully played, but for David it was more than a song . . . it was worship. The whole atmosphere of the room changed because of David. He truly had a heart for God.
Themes: Will we worship with our hearts? Will we give God our best? Will we humble ourselves? Will we change our environment?


Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 3

Tim Fulkerson | 9.23.2018
1 Samuel 17

When faced with the giant Goliath, David trusted God for the victory. Worship is more than a song, but a life of obedience and confidence in God. When we faithfully obey God, we are worshipping Him! Obedience is better than sacrifice.
Themes: Is our worship demonstrated with a faithful life? Will we worship God in our challenges? Worship is a choice!


Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 4

Tim Fulkerson | 9.30.2018
1 Samuel 18:1–5; 2 Samuel 23:8–39

Private worship is important, but we also must make it a priority to be in communal worship as well. David’s friendship with Jonathan, as well as with his mighty men, reveal that he honored God in the midst of community. Something unique happens when we gather with others in worship.
Themes: Will we faithfully worship God corporately? Will we celebrate God with other Christians?


Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 5

Tim Fulkerson | 10.7.2018
1 Samuel 19–24

David spent a lot of time on the run from King Saul. He learned to trust God, even when God’s promises had not yet been fulfilled. Worship is placing ourselves in a position of praise, even when life doesn’t go as planned.
Themes: Can we worship God in the midst of disappointment? Will we worship God by forgiving people who hurt us?


Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 6

Tim Fulkerson | 10.14.2018
2 Samuel 2:1; 5:19

After Saul’s death, David is anointed as king. Throughout his life David regularly inquires of the Lord in his decisions. David teaches us that the reason why we worship is for intimate fellowship with God. Worship not only provides us an opportunity for us to share our hearts with God, but for God to share His heart with us.
Themes: Intimacy with God; Hearing God’s voice; Relationship with worship and the prophetic.


Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 7

Tim Fulkerson | 10.21.2018
2 Samuel 6:1–11

David was a man who was concerned about the Ark of God. Uzzah’s death brought about great fear in David. This episode caused greater reverence in David for the transcendence of God.
Themes: Holiness of God; Imminence & Transcendence of God; Why worship must be done in holy fear and reverence? We cannot take worship lightly.


Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 8

Tim Fulkerson | 10.28.2018
2 Samuel 6:16–23

David expressed his worship to God. Whether singing, dancing, lifting hands, or falling prostrate, he physically demonstrated his worship. God does care how we worship and desires that our love be expressed. Just as Michal’s response to David’s expression brought about barrenness in her womb, so churches can experience spiritual barrenness when we mock faithful expression in worship.
Themes: We must learn to express our love to God; How do we express ourselves in a way that honors God?


Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 9

Tim Fulkerson | 11.4.2018
2 Samuel 7

David frequented the tabernacle and delighted to be in the House of God. He learned to enter these courts with praise and thanksgiving. The Old Testament tabernacle forms a healthy foundation of the pattern and practice of worship in how we approach God. This tabernacle points us ultimately to Jesus Christ.
Themes: Christ centered worship. The difference between “praise” and “worship.” The need for the presence of God in worship.


Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 10

Tim Fulkerson | 11.11.2018
2 Samuel 11–12

Worship needs to be raw. Even when David sinned with Bathsheba, when the prophet Nathan confronted him, he repented. Being a man after God’s heart does not mean that we are perfect, but it does mean that we know how to come clean with God. True worship has the ability to heal any wound in our soul.
Themes: We must be real with God. God hates pretense but loves humble repentance. There is a link between worship and healing.


Worship: Lessons from the Life of David—Part 11

Tim Fulkerson | 11.18.2018
1 Kings 2:1–4

Worship need to be focused on God’s character. Even at the end of his life, David learned to praise God for His faithfulness in keeping His covenant to each generation. Despite changes in his life, David found a refuge in God. Being a worshipper of God means that we leave a legacy for others to follow, as we show future generations of what it means to honor God.
Themes: Leaving a legacy of worship in our families. Learning to worship God’s character.