Part 1 — God is a Missionary

Tim Fulkerson | 9.8.19
John 20:19–23

We need to establish a solid theological footing as to the character of God as being “holy love.” The Triune God intends for relationship with humankind, yet because of the fall, humanity needs to be rescued from sin and redeemed. The missionary God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ as the true redeemer. Because God is a missionary, He sets the pattern for the Church to be sent into the world to invite others to His holy love.

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Part 2 — An Invitation to Feast

Tim Fulkerson | 9.15.19
Luke 14:15–24

Hospitality is not simply about growing church numbers but rather extending God’s Kingdom reign to others. Significant emphasis this week is placed on Jesus’ example of God’s kingdom as being likened to a great banquet table. God is the host of this abundant feast and He welcomes humanity to come and join Him at the table. Because God has welcomed people to the banquet table, He calls the Church to be people who welcome others as well.

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Part 3 — A Biblical Call to Hospitality

Tim Fulkerson | 9.22.19
Hebrews 13:1–2

This week is a survey of both Old Testament and New Testament passages that relate to the theme of hospitality. We clearly see that hospitality is a valid expression of the gospel and Christian witness. Hospitality is not optional for Christians but rather a biblical mandate by God as a way of extending His kingdom. However, before hospitality can take place effectively, each person needs to listen to the rhythm of their neighborhood.

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Part 4 — The Strangers Among Us

Tim Fulkerson | 9.29.19
Leviticus 19:33–34

This week we introduce the biblical concept of the alien and stranger and highlight God’s command to welcome them. Because many people feel like strangers and aliens in their own community, parallels are established as to how we as Christians can welcome these strangers. In the Bible the stranger was the person of promise, therefore by welcoming other strangers, Christians are mysteriously welcoming Christ.

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Part 5 — Redeeming Your Hangout

Tim Fulkerson | 10.6.19
Matthew 5:14–16

Just as Christ became incarnate and dwelt among humanity, so Christians are called to move into the community and become visible before others. The call for every believer is to let their light shine right where they are, and to think about turning their homes into mission outposts and ministry centers. The call is to let God work in the normal places and spaces of life so that His life can happen.

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Part 6 — Withness Cultivates Witness

Tim Fulkerson | 10.20.19
Luke 9:1–6

This week we learn to think creatively about hospitality in their neighborhood. Once we have learned how to listen to the neighborhood, and redeem our hangouts, we can then begin to think of welcoming others into their homes. During this week, emphasis is placed on the dynamics of “guests” and “hosts” and how Christian hospitality involves being willing to take on each role.

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Part 7 — Hospitality vs. Entertainment

Tim Fulkerson | 10.27.19
Acts 2:42–47

In many of our lives the emphasis in welcoming other people is often on the wrong things. This week we explore the differences between Christian hospitality and secular entertainment. Many of us need to rethink our priorities in life and do a spiritual evaluation as to what motivates us to reach out to others in the first place.

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Part 8 — Spiritual Conversation 101

Tim Fulkerson | 11.3.19
Colossians 4:5–6

This week will explore the nature of spiritual conversion and how in most cases people come to Christ through a process of change. Because spiritual conversion is often more process than punctilear in nature, we must know how to discern where and how God is already at work in the lives of others. We must begin to listen to the spiritual journey of others, and learn how to talk about spiritual matters with people. Much of this will involve the skill of asking good questions.

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Part 9 — Loving with No Strings Attached

Tim Fulkerson | 11.10.19
1 Corinthians 13

The most effective witness is both authentic and honest. Rather than having a hidden agenda, we must loving people into the kingdom of God. The agenda is not to create a sales pitch or a specific formula for salvation, but simply to love people and let God do the work in people in His own timing. We must patient with God’s gracious process in the lives of others.

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Part 10 — Joining God in the Neighborhood

Tim Fulkerson | 11.17.19
Joshua 3:5

This last week will focus and looking for God’s prevenient grace in the lives of others and moving out into missional hospitality. Each of us are called to join what God is already doing and welcome others organically in their community. We must adopt a lifestyle pattern and practice of Biblical Hospitality as a way of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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