Teach Us to Pray: Practice of Prayer

Tim Fulkerson | 2.4.2018
Luke 11:1–13

We can all grow in the practice of prayer. This series will explore what Jesus has to say about this subject of prayer. As we look to Jesus’ words, He will teach us how to build a solid foundation for a healthy prayer life.


Teach us to Pray: Purpose of Prayer

Gary Roedding | 2.11.2018
John 14:11–14

Everything we think, say, and do must glorify God. The purpose of our prayer is faithfully ask of the Father, so that the Son may be glorified in everything. When we seek to glorify God, God will fulfill His wonderful purposes.


Teach Us to Pray: Private Prayer

Tim Fulkerson | 2.18.2018
Matthew 6:5–8

Private prayer is a critical part of the Christian life. As we look to Jesus’ example, we see that He made it a priority to privately seek the Father. Let us learn from His example as we find places and spaces where we can privately pray.


Teach Us to Pray: United Prayer

Tim Fulkerson | 3.4.2018
Matthew 18:19–20

There is power in unity. As Christians join together in prayer, God works and moves in power in response to our prayers. May we learn to gather and unite our hearts in prayer!


Teach Us to Pray: Persevering Prayer

Tim Fulkerson | 3.11.2018
Luke 18:1–8

As we learn from the parable of the persistent widow, we discover that God intends us to not give up in prayer. Even when our answers seems delayed, God desires that we persevere in prayer.


Teach Us to Pray: Position of Prayer

Tim Fulkerson | 3.18.2018
Luke 18:9–14

When we pray, God desires that we have the right kind of heart. As we see from the parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector in Luke 18, God wants us to come humbly before Him. May each of us humble ourselves before our God.


Teach Us to Pray: Believing Prayer

Tim Fulkerson | 3.25.2018
Mark 11:20–25

There is power in the name of Jesus! As Christians we are called to seek God and believe Him for answers to our prayers. Our faith is not in our own faith, but in Christ alone.