Sent: Living in God’s Mission—The Mission of God

Tim Fulkerson | 6.2.19
Colossians 1:15–22

Everything begins with God. Our story is derived from God’s story. As Christians, we must see that our true mission and purpose in life is based upon God’s purpose and mission in this world. Because God’s mission is to reconcile all things unto Himself, we must see the centrality of Jesus Christ in God’s mission. There is an overarching-story to the universe, and Jesus is the focus of God’s mission in this world.

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Sent: Living in God’s Mission—The Mission of the Church

Tim Fulkerson | 6.9.19
Luke 24:44–49

We as the Church must know who we are and why we exist! The mission of the Church is to go in to the world to witness in the authority of Christ by proclaiming the Gospel and making disciples of all nations. Though we are sent and given a task to accomplish, this mission will only happen by the power of the Holy Spirit. He is the One who fuels our ministry and mission to the world!

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Sent: Living in God’s Mission—Sent into the Harvest

Tim Fulkerson | 6.16.19
Luke 10:1–16

Jesus commands us to pray for workers to enter the harvest field. But we must also seek the Lord ourselves to discover how we as individuals can uniquely fulfill His mission in the world. We must go out and discern who and where Jesus is calling us to reach. All of us have a purpose in God’s mission and therefore we must always keep His kingdom our number one priority. As Christians, we are sent into harvest.

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Sent: Living in God’s Mission—Love Jesus and Make His Love Known

Tim Fulkerson | 6.23.19
2 Corinthians 4:1–7

Like the Apostle Paul, we must recognize that we are just weak vessels that contain a glorious treasure. God has deposited in each of us this amazing treasure—Jesus Christ! Though the world is blinded by Satan, our aim at ClayHouse is to invite others to beautifully encounter the power of the Living God so that they too may discover this greatest treasure!

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Sent: Living in God’s Mission—Living Missionally

Tim Meier | 6.30.19

Tim Meier, Vice President for Development of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, gives us a theological overview of missio Dei—the Mission of God.

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Sent: Living in God’s Mission—What Does “Mission Accomplished” Look Like?

Terry Smith | 7.7.19
Matthew 24:14

Terry Smith, Vice President for Church Ministries of The Christian and Missionary Alliance, concludes our Sent: Living in God’s Mission series.

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