How to Turn a Prison Into a Sanctuary

Tim Fulkerson | 4.19.20
Acts 16:16–26

This four week series will examine the Apostle Paul’s trust in the Lord in the face of difficult circumstances. In the face of our challenges there is always a temptation to fear, but Paul’s example reminds us to keep our focus on Jesus. This first week we will look at the story of Paul and Silas worshipping the Lord in a prison cell. Rather than being preoccupied with their difficulty, they chose to be preoccupied with God. Fear will always dissipate when we learn to pray and praise the Lord.

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How to Handle Unexpected Chaos

Tim Fulkerson | 4.26.20
Acts 19:21–41

There are times in our lives when we are blindsided by a situation or problem that often sends us into an emotional tailspin. How do we handle those situations? When Paul faced unexpected difficulty in Ephesus, he did four things that helped him through this time. Learning to trust Jesus in these situations is critical to our fight against fear. In the end, we must learn to trust God and not ourselves.

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Take Courage . . . The Lord is Near

Tim Fulkerson | 5.3.20
Acts 22:30–23:11

When Paul was in a very difficult circumstance, he sought the Lord. When he did this, Jesus spoke to him to ‘take courage’ as he would be a testimony to others. Paul’s life reminds us that troubles and trials often make good platforms for testimonies! God is on our side and He is working for His glory and purposes in our lives. We must know that in all situations, we are not alone. Just as Jesus stood by Paul during his trouble, so He will stand by us. Therefore, we must take courage!

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Comfort in the Midst of a Storm

Tim Fulkerson | 5.10.20
Acts 27:1–26

The story of Paul’s shipwreck is a vivid reminder that in the midst of a storm, we must be agents of hope. While everyone on board the ship was in terror of the storm, Paul’s took comfort in the Lord. Rather than God changing the circumstance, He gave grace in the midst of it, and He used Paul to be an agent of His power and grace to others around him. When we go through difficulty, the question we all have to ask of ourselves… “Is God going to be glorified here?” No matter what storms we endure, we have an everlasting Rock in God!

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