Jude—An Introduction

Tim Fulkerson | 8.4.19
Jude vs. 1 & 2

We begin this series with a general overview of the context and message of Jude to his audience. Jude is writing Christians who have responded in faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ but were under the influence of false teachers who had crept in the church. He warns them of the dangers of succumbing to their heresy. We today are warned in the same way and must always avoid polluting truth, but always be faithful to the pure Gospel.

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Jude—The Danger of Perverting Grace

Tim Fulkerson | 8.11.19
Jude vs. 3–7

One of the biggest dangers in Jude’s day, as with ours, is lawless living. It is using the grace of Christ as a license to do what we want to do and continue in sin. Jude make it clear that this is a real perversion of grace and not the aim of the Gospel. Grace rather calls us to obedience, righteousness, and love. Jude therefore calls us to contend for the faith that is expressed in practical godliness.

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Jude—Judgement Against Sin

Tim Fulkerson | 8.18.19
Jude vs. 8–16

There are times when it is actually righteous to be intolerant. This is specifically true when standing in the face of evil. Jude makes clear that true discernment is needed in our beliefs and behaviors and that we cannot tolerate wrong beliefs or practices. Jude therefore provides us a list of clear characteristics of false teachers. God’s people must know how to identify true and false teaching in order to know how to persevere in faith.

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Jude—A Call to Persevere

Tim Fulkerson | 8.25.19
Jude vs. 17–23

God calls us to continue our Christian walk in purity. Jude therefore gives us some instructions as to what is really expected of us. As we build ourselves up in faith, pray, and eagerly wait for Jesus’ coming we can continue forward in the grace God gives us each day. In addition to this, we must be ready to share our faith with others. Despite the difficulties, challenges and pitfalls of life, God grace is available to help us persevere as we hold firm our faith in Him.

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Jude—Kept By God’s Power

Tim Fulkerson | 9.1.19
Jude vs. 24–25

No matter what we must endure in life, God’s grace is more than sufficient for any of our needs. God is more than able to do the work both in and through us as we continue this journey of faith. While we must hold firm our faith in Christ, we also must know that we are held by a loving God. He will complete His good work in us as we trust in Him. Jude reminds us that we are kept by God’s power who graciously helps us to persevere.

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