Jonah: A Prophet on the Run—Part 1

Tim Fulkerson | 7.8.2018
Jonah 1:1–3

For many of us, the story of Jonah and the fish is something we’re quite familiar with. As we look into this story we’re going to discover some incredible theological and practical lessons. This is the story of a runaway prophet and a graciously relentless God. Many of us today are also on the run from God, and His grace is calling us back to full obedience!

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Jonah: A Prophet on the Run—Part 2

Tim Fulkerson | 7.22.2018
Jonah 1:4–2:10

Despite Jonah’s continuing rebellion, God in His mercy miraculously rescues him. The story of Jonah reveals to us that no matter where we find ourselves, God’s arm is never too short to save! Sometimes it’s in our dark and lonely places where God gets our attention and does the work in us that He needs to do. While difficulties are never easy, they are also opportunities for God to do His work in and through us.

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Jonah: A Prophet on the Run—Part 3

Tim Fulkerson | 7.29.2018
Jonah 3:1–10

God often gives many of us second chances. Jonah is an example of a man who got a second chance to do the right thing. God does mighty things through us as we obey His sovereign purposes. While it appears that all is well with Jonah in his obedience, still he continued to struggle with His concept of God.

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Jonah: A Prophet on the Run—Part 4

Tim Fulkerson | 8.5.2018
Jonah 4:1–11

Even in Jonah’s obedience, his heart was still not right. The ongoing theological issue he has with God’s graciousness is still unresolved. Like Jonah, we too need to come to a solid understanding with who God is and how He chooses to work to accomplish His purposes. Not everything goes as how we plan, but God’s ways are higher than our own!

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