The Ministry of Intercession | Part 1

Tim Fulkerson | 1.9.22
Ephesians 6:18

We begin a new series on the importance of intercessory prayer. Today we look at both the purpose of the ministry of intercession and the priority it must have in our lives. God has sovereignly chosen to work through the prayers of His people and desires to work both in and through the Church. As Christians, we must intercede on behalf of others and enforce the victory of the Cross of Jesus Christ!

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The Ministry of Intercession | Part 2

Tim Fulkerson | 1.16.22
James 5:16

Effective intercessory prayer is a mighty spiritual weapon, however, there can be various hindrances to our prayers. God is looking for intercessors who demonstrate various qualities that are consistent with the character of Christ Jesus. The beautiful thing about intercessory prayer is that God is inviting us into partnership with Him. May we each examine our lives to see that there are no hindrances to our prayers to God for others!

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The Ministry of Intercession | Part 3

Tim Fulkerson | 1.23.22
1 Thessalonians 5:16-17

As Christians we must commit ourselves to intercede both publicly and privately. In today’s sermon we will examine some helpful things to remember as we approach the Lord in prayer. If we are going to seek the Lord and be effective in our prayers, investment of time and energy is required. Therefore let us press in and seek the Lord with all of our being, that we may honor and glorify Him and see His holy purposes come to fruition.

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