Entrusted 1: A Life of Stewardship

Tim Fulkerson | 9.10.17
Genesis 2:15

What does it mean to be “entrusted?” This is the introduction message in a series that explores what it means to be a faithful steward of all that God has given us.  Accountability to God calls us to responsibility in every area of life.

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Entrusted 3: Our Hearts

Tim Fulkerson | 9.24.17
Proverbs 4:23

This message investigates what it means to steward our hearts. God calls us to guard our hearts with all vigilance, therefore we need to recognize the treasure, prioritize the task, minimize the trash, and energize our hearts and minds with truth.

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Entrusted 4: Natural Gifts & Talents

Tim Fulkerson | 10.1.17
Matthew 25:14-30

How do we steward our natural gifts and talents in a way that honors God? This message looks at the parable of the talents and uncovers important principles as to how we utilize our talents, abilities, and skills properly.

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Entrusted 5: Spiritual Gifts

Tim Fulkerson | 10.8.17
1 Peter 4:7–11

This message focuses on the stewardship of spiritual gifts. Every Christian has at least one spiritual gift, and therefore each gift must be used in accordance with the purposes of God and the power of the Holy Spirit to build the Kingdom of God.

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Entrusted 6: Relationships

Tim Fulkerson | 10.15.17
1 John 4:7–12

God is a God of relationships, therefore we must steward our relationships wisely. Whether we are starting, sustaining, setting right, or severing certain relationships, we need to please Jesus in how we love people.

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Entrusted 7: Our Bodies

Tim Fulkerson | 10.22.17
1 Corinthians 6:18-20

The stewardship of our bodies is an often overlooked subject in the church today. But Scripture calls us honor God with our physical bodies. God is inviting us to consecrate our bodies to Him as faithful stewards in worship to Him.

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Entrusted 8: Work

Tim Fulkerson | 10.29.17
Colossians 3:22–4:1

How are we as Christians to view our jobs? The Bible has a lot to say about the subject of stewardship of work. This message looks at some practical things we must consider if we are to honor God in work that He has given us to do.

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Entrusted 9: Possessions

Tim Fulkerson | 11.12.17
Luke 16:1–13

As we look to the story of the parable of the shrewd manager, there are some very important principles to consider related to the subject of the stewardship of possessions. We must use temporary possessions for eternal purposes.

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Entrusted 10: Money

Tim Fulkerson | 11.19.17
1 Timothy 6:17-19

The stewardship of money is a big issue for Christians to consider.  How we steward the money entrusted to us matters to God, and therefore it should matter to us.  Let us look at some important truths regarding how we should view our finances.

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Entrusted 11: Giving

Tim Fulkerson | 11.26.17
Mark 12:41–44

As we conclude this series, we focus on the stewardship of giving. This is a companion message to the previous week, but it provides some helpful insights into what God expects of us related to the heart and habits of our financial giving.

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