Growing as Disciples | Part 1

Tim Fulkerson | 8.1.21
Matthew 28:16–20

As followers of Jesus, we are to live our lives as representatives of Jesus to the world. We as Christians are called to be His disciples by obeying all that He has commanded us to do and be. Discipleship therefore must take into consideration the development of all we are. Through God’s grace, we continue on this lifelong journey of obedience and faith in honoring Jesus with our lives. Let us make it our ambition to make Jesus our first priority!

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Growing as Disciples | Part 2

Tim Fulkerson | 8.8.21
2 Peter 1:3–9

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Growing as Disciples | Part 3

Tim Fulkerson | 8.15.21
John 15:1-5

Healthy things grow! As we learn from the natural world, we see that all life needs optimal conditions for growth. As Christians if we are to mature as disciples, we must learn to abide in Christ Jesus. We must always stay connected to our Source to find sustenance and health. It is really about faithfulness and obedience to Christ, by the grace of God. Growth doesn’t happen automatically, it happens as we abide in Him!

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Growing as Disciples | Part 4

Tim Fulkerson | 8.22.21
John 12:20–26

There is a cost to following Jesus…a price-tag for true discipleship. The cost is that we must be willing to take up our cross and crucify our sinful pride and our old way of life. Jesus asks that we surrender completely to His will and way. He makes it clear that real spiritual growth and fruit cannot happen unless we become like a seed that is sown into the ground. Once we have died to ourselves, resurrection life begins in us!

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Growing as Disciples | Part 5

Tim Fulkerson | 8.29.21
Philippians 2:12–13

Scripture tells us to “work out” our salvation with fear and trembling. Yet we also are reminded that God is working in us according to His good pleasure. Therefore if we are going to grow as disciples, we must work out what God has worked in! At ClayHouse, God is inviting us to a deeper level of commitment to His holy purposes both in our lives and through our lives. Our aim is to love Jesus and make His love known!

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