Part 1 — God is a Missionary

Tim Fulkerson | 9.8.19
John 20:19–23

We need to establish a solid theological footing as to the character of God as being “holy love.” The Triune God intends for relationship with humankind, yet because of the fall, humanity needs to be rescued from sin and redeemed. The missionary God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ as the true redeemer. Because God is a missionary, He sets the pattern for the Church to be sent into the world to invite others to His holy love.


Part 2 — An Invitation to Feast

Tim Fulkerson | 9.15.19
Luke 14:15–24

Hospitality is not simply about growing church numbers but rather extending God’s Kingdom reign to others. Significant emphasis this week is placed on Jesus’ example of God’s kingdom as being likened to a great banquet table. God is the host of this abundant feast and He welcomes humanity to come and join Him at the table. Because God has welcomed people to the banquet table, He calls the Church to be people who welcome others as well.