Tim Fulkerson | 2.2.20

The Bible has a lot to say about the Holy Spirit. In order to understand who the Holy Spirit is, we must first begin understanding that the Holy Spirit is part of the Godhead. Today we look at five specific evidences of this reality. As Christians we are called know the Third Person of the Trinity and to walk in intimate fellowship with Him.


The Person of the Holy Spirit

Tim Fulkerson | 2.9.20

The Holy Spirit is not an “it.” He is a Person with a distinct personality. This sermon will look at ten evidences from Scripture that reveals the personhood of the Holy Spirit. As Christians, the better we understand who the Holy Spirit is as a Person, the more we will be able to understand, experience, and appropriate His work.


The Names of the Holy Spirit

Tim Fulkerson | 2.16.20

Today we survey the Scriptures to know and understand seven specific names of the Holy Spirit as well as various symbols of the Holy Spirit. Each of these names and symbols reveals to us who the Spirit of God is and how He works among us. We will see how He uniquely works among His people.